With promoting the open data digital health platform in Spain, Better joins Barcelona Health Hub

Better is entering the Spanish digital healthcare ecosystem and joining the Barcelona Health Hub (BHH) as well as other Spanish healthcare associations. The decision to focus on Catalonia was driven by Barcelona's growing importance as a development hub in the global digital health industry, and especially the growing openEHR community.

Barcelona is becoming a more and more important development hub in the global digital health industry and, as such, making Catalonia a leader in the digitalisation of healthcare. Joining Barcelona Health Hub, an association that promotes innovation in digital health, linking startups, health organisations, companies, and investors into an ecosystem of like-minded companies dedicated to impacting the healthcare systems, means for Better a more active role in the Catalan digital healthcare ecosystem.

"We are excited to join the Barcelona Health Hub and to connect with like-minded companies in Catalonia, as well as the rest of Spain,"

said Jovan Pavićević, International markets director at Better.

"Our goal is to empower vendors and healthcare organisations with the knowledge we have gained through the years and from global markets and to provide them with our technology in order to improve patient outcomes and drive innovation in the healthcare industry. We are proud to contribute to the rising digital health community in Spain and to help build the healthcare organisations of the future."

As part of its membership in Barcelona Health Hub, Better is also planning to offer its cutting-edge digital healthcare technology to startups in the BHH system, providing mentoring, training, and support, as well as free access to its digital health platform. This initiative will enable startups, system integrators, and ISVs, as well as care providers, to develop future healthcare systems and applications.

With its architectural approach, the Better digital health platform allows care providers to develop systems and applications on their own, independently, and drive transformation at their own pace. 

With being a part of Infobanco project, a pioneer openEHR project in Spain on a regional level, Better is also taking a leading role in promoting the use of the openEHR standard, which is an open standard for storing and exchanging health data, in Spain. The recent tenders launched by the Catalan government to procure a health data platform and regional medication management solution that needs to be fully compliant with openEHR standard is a step in the direction of building a new infrastructure around open data. 

"In a desire to build a patient and data-centric longitudinal electronic health record and with a vision of providing integrated care coordination across the region, Catalonia is leading the way into the future. Better is proud to be a part of the growing openEHR community in Spain and promoting the use of this international standard," also said Pavićević. 

Better is also pleased to announce its individual and corporate memberships in other healthcare associations, including the Asociación Salud Digital (ASD) and Sociedad Española de Directivos de la Salud (SEDISA), and soon to join Sociedad Española de Informática de la Salud (SEIS). These associations represent like-minded healthcare professionals and organisations that are committed to improving healthcare delivery and outcomes for the better care of patients.

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