First Databank provides Multilex clinical decision support into Better Meds prescribing system

Better and FDB (First Databank) are collaborating in the UK, with FDB providing its Multilex clinical decision support solution into the Better Meds electronic prescribing system.

FDB is the UK’s leading supplier of drug database and e-prescribing decision support solutions, providing clinical decision support intelligence and comprehensive and independent medications information used in over 10,000 sites. FDB’s data and intelligence help to support safer prescribing across all healthcare sectors in the UK.

Multilex leverages a robust set of APIs to provide important and clinically relevant medication alerts to prescribers. Multilex is highly flexible and allows end-users to customize the solution to ensure that the integration is clinically relevant to the specific needs of the trust. The high degree of customization also ensures that alert-fatigue is mitigated while maintaining a high degree of alerting accuracy and effectiveness.

Better provides the Better Platform, which securely supports more than 22 million patients in over 500+ hospitals across 15 countries worldwide. Its solution Better Meds is an electronic prescribing and medication administration (EPMA) solution and uses FDB at its core to provide clinical data and intelligence within the clinical decision support that is utilised within every prescription event in its UK sites.

Better Meds has been rolled out in the following NHS hospital trusts: Somerset, Plymouth and Wye Valley, with six more trusts set to go live in the near future.

Alberto Malave, Product Manager for Clinical Decision Support Systems at Better Meds says: "When it comes to choosing a reliable and effective clinical decision support solution, we look no further than FDB’s Multilex. We’re thrilled to be able to offer our users such a robust and reliable solution for their e-prescribing needs. FDB’s support and well-documented APIs make integrations a smooth process. We’re excited to collaborate with FDB on new and industry-leading clinical decision support features that will continue to provide value to healthcare professionals across the UK."

FDB quote from Phil Verplancke, Director of Product Development and Innovation at FDB says: ‘We are delighted to be working with Better in order to integrate our clinical decision support into the Better Meds solution. We’re excited to be working with Better within national FHIR interoperability forums and on new product developments, their knowledge of the market and users’ needs, and innovative culture helps to inform and support our testing and generation of new products for the secondary care market in the UK. We value their role as a partner working with FDB and key national stakeholder groups to help improve patient safety and prescribing.”

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