Development Partnership Between Better and Omnicell Will Drive Safety and Efficiency in Medication Administration Process in Hospitals

Better and  Omnicell,  the market leader in medication and supplies automation, have come together to provide a new integration partnership to help close the loop in the medication management pathway.

Safe and efficient medication management is essential within hospitals, and it has become even more crucial in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The new integration between Omnicell’s Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs) and Better Meds means that the two systems can now share vital data related to patients’ individual medication needs.

How it works
The integration of these two technologies will ensure that nurses will select the right drug for the right patient at the right time in their ward-based Omnicell ADCs. Owing to the direct connection with the medication management system Better Meds, Omnicell will present the nurse with a filtered list of all prescribed medicines for the patient, further filtered by Schedule and PRN statuses.

In having both systems connected, nurses are ensured that they are taking out the right dose strength and alerted to the risk of any under or overdoses. The integration also provides a complete end-to-end audit trail and full visibility of all medicine transactions, increasing patient safety and staff accountability.

Božidarka Radović, Better Meds Product Lead, says: “Our technology facilitates multidisciplinary coordination between doctors, pharmacists and nurses. This latest collaboration with Omnicell is entirely consistent with our goals of improving patient safety through coordination and collaboration, increasing transparency in medication management and improving support and knowledge-based guidance.”

Ed Platt, Omnicell UK Sales Director, comments: “Here at Omnicell, we are constantly looking at new ways to respond to our client's needs with innovative solutions. We are pleased to announce our new development partnership with Better. We anticipate that this will help to drive efficiencies, close the loop and ensure patient safety within the hospital setting. We look forward to working with Better on this forward-thinking partnership that combines the best of both our technologies to deliver efficient medication management and increased patient safety.”

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