Better, the market-leading open data platform provider for healthcare, is expanding to Germany

Better is fully committed to meeting the rapidly evolving needs of healthcare organisations in Germany. Therefore, the company is establishing a subsidiary in Hamburg this summer with additional offices in Berlin and Frankfurt. To provide the best possible services to their existing and new German customers, a local team of digital health experts will be available to support optimal use of Better’s products.

Better provides digital health system solutions to more than 150 clients in 16 markets, including the German HiGHmed consortium (Hannover, Heidelberg, Göttingen, Kiel, Köln, Würzburg, Berlin, Cottbus and Münster), the City of Moscow and more than 30 hospitals in the UK.

Announcing the launch of the new subsidiary, Better’s founder and CEO Tomaž Gornik said: “We are soon to open a company in Germany, but we have already been present in the German academic market for years. We have provided our Better Platform to the nine university hospitals that are part of the HiGHmed consortium. Those 25% of Germany’s elite hospitals are using the openEHR data platform for research to ultimately enhance cross-enterprise care provision. Establishing the company in Germany will enable us to support our current and future clients much better.”

Better’s mission is to make the work of healthcare teams easier by accelerating digitalisation in three areas: organising healthcare data, speeding up application development, and improving the user experience.

The company’s main product, Better Platform, is an open platform for managing health data that offers a vendor-neutral data repository with an easy-to-create application experience with tools that do not require programming skills. The platform allows applications from different providers to access common information and establish fundamentally new models of care.

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