Better partners with iQHealthTech and Imprivata to simplify and enhance electronic prescribing and patient safety

Better has formed development partnerships with iQHealthTech and Imprivata to deliver safer, quicker, and better electronic prescribing and medication administration. While the partnership with iQHealthTech aims to improve the safety of systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT) prescribing, the collaboration with Imprivata will streamline clinical authentication workflows. This will provide users of both solutions with a safer and easier way to manage patients and prescribe medication.

Better and iQHealthTech will join forces to transform the way healthcare providers manage systemic anti-cancer therapy, delivering better outcomes for patients and healthcare professionals alike. Similarly, Better Meds' integration with Imprivata's ConfirmID product will relieve the medication witnessing process of time-consuming authentication and simplify clinical authentication workflows.

iQ HealthTech was founded in 2011 with the purpose of developing user-centric technology that improves cancer patient healthcare outcomes everywhere. iQ HealthTech developed iQemo, the first cloud-based SACT EPMA solution. iQemo has been designed collaboratively with many end users and is known for its simple, intuitive user interface and innovative functionality, which has allowed it to gain rapid traction across the UK in both NHS and private hospitals and, more recently, in Australia. 

Doug Bakerco-founder and Business Development Director at iQHealth Tech said: “At iQ HealthTech, we recognise that providing the right data in the right place at the right time is critical for empowering clinicians to make the most appropriate clinical decisions to support best patient outcomes. Innovation through open data standards and integration is key to ensuring we deliver on this promise. Providing a more connected, best-of-breed patient health record offers safer management of patients on complex inpatient SACT treatment by providing specialist functionality combined with wider visibility of critical data in one place. We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Better and look forward to working with them to deliver the best possible outcomes for our users and their patients.” 

The first go-live of this partnership may be seen at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, which recently selected Better Meds for its new ePMA solution. 

“At Better we believe no single system is able to deal with the emerging challenges of complex treatments in all care settings. We address this with an open-data model that facilitates sharing of information. Collaboration and trust between different providers are essential for establishing connected, best-of-breed solutions which will enable faster innovation in specialist segments like SACT treatment. I firmly believe this aim is reflected in our partnership with iQ HealthTech, which is why we are looking forward to our first joint implementation at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust,” said Roko Malkoč, Better Meds Business Unit Director

Imprivata is a leading provider of automated authentication solutions for the healthcare industry. Its technology allows for the authentication of key workflows, including registering new patients, entering patient observations, adding clinical notes, and witness signing wherever required.

Witnessing is an integral part of the administration of controlled drugs. It is a safeguard that improves patient safety by ensuring two people have checked that the administration is correct before giving it to the patient. For the nurses, however, this can be daunting when they need to witness several administrators daily and authenticate each one by typing their username and password into the system. 

Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer at Imprivata, said: “Too often, IT security practices can be a barrier to delivering care. At Imprivata, we believe that if IT security doesn’t work for people, then it doesn’t work at all. Our partnership enables fast, secure authentication within the Better Meds Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) system, including witness signing for drug administering and other medication workflows. This provides frictionless access, which helps organisations drive adoption of the ePMA system to transform how automated medicines management and electronic prescribing can be used in the delivery of patient care.”

"We are excited to be partnering with Imprivata on this initiative," said Alastair Allen, Chief Technology Officer at Better. "Their ConfirmID product is helping health and care customers to simplify and streamline clinical authentication workflows. Together, we have developed seamless integration with Better Meds that will make witnessing for medications easier, safer and faster."

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