Better Meds EDU Programme welcomes Newcastle University as the newest member

We are delighted to announce that Newcastle University School of Pharmacy has become the fifth member of our Better Meds EDU Programme, joining Liverpool John Moores University, University of Plymouth, Faculty of Health Sciences Maribor, and University College London. 

By participating in the Better Meds EDU initiative, Newcastle University School of Pharmacy will provide students with the opportunity to learn about prescribing, reviewing, and administering medicines using electronic tools that they will use in their clinical practice. 

Clare Brown, a lecturer at Newcastle University School of Pharmacy, said, "Newcastle University School of Pharmacy are excited to be introducing Better's ePMA system into our MPharm curriculum teaching to prepare students for the ongoing digital transformation occurring throughout the NHS and beyond. We will give students practical experience of using these systems for medicines management and prescribing and understand the role of these systems in patient safety and care." 

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