Better joins Gesundheitsstadt Berlin to promote public healthcare in Berlin-Brandenburg region

Better, a digital health platform provider, has joined the Gesundheitsstadt Berlin, a non-profit association dedicated to promoting public healthcare in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. This partnership signifies Better's commitment to advancing healthcare technology and enhancing collaboration within the local healthcare ecosystem.

By joining Gesundheitsstadt Berlin, Better strengthens its dedication to supporting the promotion of public health care in Germany. The company brings extensive expertise in healthcare IT solutions and innovative technologies, based on open data, which will contribute to advancing medical research, development, and patient care. The partnership also aligns with Better's mission to accelerate digital transformation with innovative technology solutions, among which are the digital health platform and medication management solution. 

Gesundheitsstadt Berlin plays a vital role in improving public health by organising events, conferences, and medical initiatives while providing valuable information on health, demography, and medicine. The association aims to foster networking and cooperation among healthcare professionals and service providers in the Berlin/Brandenburg area, thus enhancing the overall quality of healthcare services.

By actively participating in the association's events and initiatives, Better will contribute to the advancement of healthcare practices and foster collaboration among industry stakeholders. The Gesundheitsstadt Berlin association sees Better as a valuable addition to its network that will share expertise, its efforts to positively impact public healthcare, and also share the experience from several real case deployments. 

"We are excited to join Gesundheitsstadt Berlin, where we will be able to collaborate with like-minded organisations and healthcare professionals," said Björn Lehnhoff, managing director of Better Germany. "Together, we can drive positive change in the healthcare landscape, improve patient outcomes, and elevate the standard of care in the Berlin-Brandenburg region," he added.

Dr. Daniel Dettling, CEO of Gesundheitsstadt Berlin, said: „We warmly welcome Better at Gesundheitsstadt Berlin! Metropolitan cities will become more important in the future when it comes to supplying an aging population. This requires the interaction of all stakeholders from medicine and care. I am looking forward to working together. Let's make it better together!“

About Gesundheitsstadt Berlin

Gesundheitsstadt Berlin is dedicated to transforming Berlin into a healthy city by promoting public health, fostering innovation, and supporting medical research in the region. The association's efforts include organising health congresses, conferences, and various medical events, as well as implementing publicly funded research projects. By bundling and coordinating initiatives in the field of public healthcare, Gesundheitsstadt Berlin aims to strengthen awareness of the importance of healthcare advancements among businesses, academia, and the general public. Through its collaborative approach, Gesundheitsstadt Berlin plays a crucial role in driving positive change and shaping the future of healthcare in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

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