Better and NTT DATA join forces to give greater prominence to data in the healthcare sector

Better and NTT DATA, the sixth-largest IT services company in the world, join forces to improve the interoperability and development of applications in the healthcare sector, starting from the correct processing of data. The alliance makes it possible to provide hospitals with faster, more agile clinical information solutions, thanks to better processing of those data, thereby helping to boost the European Health Data Space, one of the main projects in the healthcare sector and a priority of the European Commission.

Data Space constitutes a new instrument for generating and spreading knowledge in the healthcare sector, thanks to the possibility of correctly evaluating and processing mass data. In addition, the creation of this joint tool will help promote the development of cross-cutting technologies for the generation and extraction of knowledge, such as artificial intelligence, which will help improve the quality of health care.

On the part of the alliance, the collaboration arises from the synergies of the two companies in their respective portfolios of healthcare solutions and services, in which Better and NTT DATA complement each other. In particular, the union makes it possible to reinforce the positioning of the services in the generation and processing of clinical data, providing the healthcare sector with flexible, scalable solutions that optimize the processing of information that impacts both applications and end-users.

Thus, hospitals will have solutions deriving from this alliance, permitting more agile processing of clinical information based on openEHR. OpenEHR is an open standard that specifies the storage and management of healthcare data in vendor-neutral clinical data repositories. The clinical data will be stored in a Better Platform, used for direct patient care, and the platform will also serve as a single data layer for all clinical information and processes including clinical decision support, research projects, clinical registries, and others. The development of applications will be made easier with the use of the low-code tool Better Studio.

We started working in Spain last year. NTT DATA, which has extensive knowledge in the field of the development of healthcare systems, the integration, and the transformation of data using the openEHR standard, was a perfect companion. They are our premium partner, which means that the company is qualified to use the Better platform and to contribute to a better service to patients and citizens in any hospital,” said Jovan Pavićević, Market Unit Director at Better.

We live in a world where companies need to equip themselves with solutions which, in real-time, make it possible to capture, aggregate, analyze, and extract value from data to make business decisions. That, applied to the healthcare sphere, is especially critical because having the right solutions to extract value from data can contribute to improving lives,” added María Jesús Cáncer, Health Innovation Director at NTT DATA Europe & LATAM.

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