Better and Lyniate form a strategic partnership for seamless health data integration

Better, an open data digital health platform provider, announced a strategic partnership with Lyniate, a global provider of healthcare interoperability solutions. With Lyniate Rhapsody, a high-performing interoperability solution, Better will ensure health and care teams can focus on delivering better healthcare by moving from disparate insights and data sources to a connected health and care continuum centred around the patient.

By partnering with Lyniate, Better is extending the integration capabilities of its digital health platform which will allow customers to connect complex, siloed data from not only existing healthcare systems, but also new and emerging streams of data from a range of sources, including social, environmental, and patient generated data, more easily.  Through the network of Rhapsody certified partners, Better will accelerate integration and transformation more seamlessly, and at a lower cost.

Better is adding Lyniate Rhapsody to its integration capabilities currently consisting of the IHE Stack, FHIR Connect, openEHR API, and HL7 interfaces. Rhapsody is already being used by over 1,500 customers to integrate with all major healthcare systems across a range of domains, including EHRs, Labs, EMPI, Population Health, and Care Coordination. They support all major standards and formats, among them HL7 (v2 and v3), HL7® FHIR, CCDA, NCPDP, X12, IHE, DICOM, JSON, and XML, in addition to connecting data using non-standard or proprietary interfaces.

Lyniate Rhapsody is used to exchange health data from multiple sources, as well as validating, cleansing, enriching, and transforming it into openEHR or FHIR format, where it is subsequently stored on the Better digital health platform. When data is captured natively within the Better digital health platform, Rhapsody can also be used to support bi-directional integration back to the source.

"We are excited to be partnering with Lyniate to extend our platform with the world-class integration capabilities of Rhapsody. We believe this partnership will create a unique combination of healthcare domain knowledge and deep technology expertise, which will allow customers to accelerate their innovation and transformation roadmaps. We believe that good data is the foundation for better care and with Rhapsody we are adding a core component to our platform that will deliver data liquidity at scale", said Jovan Pavićević, International Markets Unit director.

How Better will rely on Lyniate Rhapsody to accelerate data exchange as part of their digital health platform is perfectly in line with our vision for a connected healthcare ecosystem in which no person is inhibited from an improved outcome by interrupted access to data”, said Scott Galbari, president and chief operating officer at Lyniate. “We are proud to play a strategic role in partnering with Better to unlock the potential of data".

Better is a provider of Better Platform, an open data digital health platform designed to store, manage, query, retrieve, and exchange structured electronic health records, and Better Meds, an electronic prescribing and medication administration solution. The company focuses on simplifying the work of health and care teams, advocates for data for life, and strives for all health data to be vendor-neutral and easily accessible. It puts organisations in control of their data, workflows, and transformation plans in order to improve patient care.

Lyniate partners with healthcare organisations around the world to deliver a flexible interoperability suite that connects people to the data they need. It powers the applications and workflows that improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes while helping healthcare teams to understand, prepare for, and influence changes on the horizon. Lyniate Rhapsody provides seamless integration with disparate systems across healthcare organisations, such as the electronic patient record, laboratory information system, and diagnostic imaging.

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