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The new release of Better EHR Studio simplifies medical data import and calculation development

Published May 04, 2020
Boris Marn
Boris Marn

Better has issued a new release of Better EHR Studio, version 1.7Improvements will allow IT personnel in hospitals to build forms and query patient data with even less effort than before. Better EHR Studio is a low-code development environment consisting of Form Builder and AQL Builder applicationsIt is an integral part of Better Platform, market-leading openEHR data platform.  

The most important improvements in Better EHR Studio, version 1.7, are: 

  • An external API connection. Users can securely connect to any REST server API, and use its data in a form. Hospitals are no longer constrained to only using openEHR, but now can also use any other web service data accessible in JSON format. Data can conform to an open standard (like FHIR), or can be defined in proprietary format. 
  • Smart expressions. The user-friendly editor now makes it unnecessary to code simple calculations. Users can simply define calculations using a drag-and-drop principle. 

Better EHR Studio is an integral part of Better Platform, and consists of two main applications: Form Builder and AQL Builder. Form Builder is a low-code development environment which allows users to create medical forms even if they have no knowledge of coding. This means that Form Builder’s use in hospitals is not limited solely to IT personnel. The form building process is fast, and changes in production can be implemented immediately. This makes it possible for hospitals to develop their own custom forms in a matter of hours, and to more easily integrate new forms into their applications. 

AQL Builder is a simple tool to query data from Better Platforma market-leading openEHR data platform. The platform is designed to store, manage, query, retrieve, and exchange structured electronic health record (EHR) data on national, regional, or institutional levels of healthcare. Clinical data is stored in a vendor-neutral format, and independently from other applications. 

Better Platform has been deployed in 9 sites across the UK 

  • Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust (GDE)
  • Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust 
  • University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust 
  • Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust 
  • Wye Valley NHS Trust 
  • 100,000 Genome information integration research project
  • UCL Chime 
  • Medicalchain 
  • Apperta Foundation 

Worldwide, Better Platform already securely supports over 22 million patients in more than 500 hospitals. 

Boris Marn

Written by Boris Marn

Better Studio Lead. Responsible for turning grand ideas into deliverable products. Expert in agile methodologies. Known for the ability to produce high-quality deliverables that meet or exceed timeline and budgetary targets. Motivated to improve Better Platform by creating Tools on top of it that greatly improve the time needed to develop an application.

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