Entscheiderfabrik event: How digital transformation in healthcare can help improve patient outcomes

Published May 07, 2020
Gottfried Scheiwein
Gottfried Scheiwein

Entscheiderfabrik, a German organization driving digital transformation in healthcare is organizing an event “Hospital Management and digital transformation” (Krankenhausführung und digitale Transformation) on May 13th and 14th. 

The event will be accessible via live stream and you can find the details here 

Better is contributing a presentation on May 13th and a workshop on May 14th with the title How digital transformation in healthcare can help improve patient outcomes. In the workshop our team will be presenting case studies from hospitals, regions and research. The aim of the presentation and the workshop is to discuss and show the key role of a standard based (openEHR, IHE) repository of structured clinical data for successful management of hospitals, of regional health and research.


Gottfried Scheiwein

Written by Gottfried Scheiwein

Sales Manager DACH in Better. Together with Business Development looking for business areas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland where products and solutions from Better can improve processes and decisions in healthcare and in the end benefit patients.

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