Rewired 2020: how to make best of breed work successfully?

Digital Health Rewired Exhibition and Conference (Rewired 2020) will be held next week and we are looking forward to this event. Our CEO Tomaž Gornik will speak alongside Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust chief information officer Andrew Forrest. In their session Doing best of breed right: start with the data!, they will discuss the best way for trusts to make a success of the ‘best of breed’ approach to EHR.  Here is a brief preview.


Building an ecosystem of clinical apps upon the open platform to support better patient management

Trusts that do not want the cost and vendor lock-in of working with a single supplier need to move their data onto an open platform that can integrate different applications that clinicians actually need. But this can be done whilst transforming your hospital incrementally solving the problems and rolling out change at the pace you and your clinicians want.

The key concepts are a standards-based, vendor-neutral clinical data repository with a strong interoperability layer and low-code toolkits that can support an ecosystem of best of breed applications. Organisations can then deploy these applications according to their resources and the needs of clinicians and patients.

With this approach, the trusts are able to take advantage of new technologies while keeping existing systems running, and to create an app store of innovation that builds on that legacy.


The open approach in practice: transforming the Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

At Rewired 2020, Tomaž Gornik will be speaking alongside Andrew Forrest, the chief information officer of Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, which has put the Better Platform at the heart of its digital transformation.

The trust, which is the largest in Somerset and a global digital exemplar (GDE), is using a clinical portal to give staff access to advanced clinical functionality. This includes Better OPENeP for closed-loop electronic prescribing and medication management and Better Form Builder to create clinical documents.

Taunton and Somerset is also the first NHS trust to adopt Better Portal; a clinical portal for better patient management that enables healthcare organisations to support patients on a daily basis.

At Digital Health Rewired, Forrest will explain how this approach has supported new ways of working. “The ability to develop and iterate on solutions alongside frontline colleagues over days rather than months is key to ensuring optimised workflows, engaged clinical teams and improved patient outcomes,” he said at a recent openEHR event in London.


Join us at Rewired 2020

We we are really pleased to be returning to Digital Health Rewired for the second time. In the past year, We have delivered major openEHR projects across Europe and in the NHS and we are excited that our Better Portal awarded a prestigious Red Dot in recognition of the User friendly and intuitive design.

We look forward to outlining our latest developments to the UK health tech community, and to discussing how they can support the NHS as it moves into the new, open era.

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