Over 10 million patients to access their health data supported by Better Platform

The City of Moscow implemented a new service on their Mos.ru portal, enabling citizens to access their electronic health records (EHRs). Over 10 million patients now have access to their medical history, laboratory and radiology studies, and physician notes.

“We are delighted to announce that The City of Moscow is broadening their ecosystem of health applications based on Better Platform. The city is using the open approach in vendor neutral health data management, separation of health data from applications and flexibility in how they develop their ecosystem. This new service will increase patient confidence in the accuracy of their health data including previous conditions, treatments and notes,” said Tomaž Gornik, Better CEO.

In 2020, there will be several additions to the EHR database including the ability to upload patient generated data.  Additionally, Moscow residents will be able to fill out profiles with their medical history, medical history of relatives, as well as keep health diaries and make suggestions through feedback.

Better Platform has been used as the structured and standards-based clinical repository for centralized electronic health records for the City of Moscow since 2014.


About Moscow City Healthcare

Moscow City provides healthcare services to 12 million citizens covering primary, community and social care and outpatient clinics. The system consists of over 600 outpatient clinics and 106 hospitals. Applications manage over 500.000 online daily entries and store over 1 billion documents each year.


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Urša Manček, Better Chief Marketing Officer

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