openEHR-based health data exchange in Finland

The openEHR Day Nordics and openEHR Workshop for Social Care, which were scheduled for 25th March in Helsinki, had to be postponed. In the meantime, the openEHR International is posting blogs written by knowledgeable experts. The first blog was written by Hanna Pohjonen PhD and we shared it in April.

The author of the second blog is Juha Rannanheimo who is Chief Development Officer at UNA Oy, an information and communication technology development collaboration for public social and healthcare organizations in Finland.

He describes the focus of the social welfare and healthcare reform in Finland where the majority of social and healthcare organizations aim to renew their systems by modular development. UNA is supporting and reforming social and healthcare practices bottom-up by the means of sharing data to service coordination. There is a need for better use and visualisation of data in and between social and health care. They are using openEHR data models to combine data from different sources, manage and present data in a meaningful way. Juha Rannanheimo highlights openEHR advantages: “openEHR avoids dependencies on system vendors. It also adds transparency for data and speeds up the process of building open and documented interfaces.”

Solutions will be available this year, creating new opportunities for service and care coordination.

You are invited to read full blog here.

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