Modelling tool available as a free-of-charge cloud service for openEHR archetype development

Better and openEHR International have launched Archetype Designer, a web-based clinical modelling environment for openEHR archetype development.

As part of an effort to expand the global openEHR community, Better and openEHR International have decided to make Archetype Designer available as a free service which provides a web-based clinical modelling environment for openEHR archetype development, allowing for the visual authoring of archetypes and templates, including full archetype parsing, validation, flattening, and serialisation.

Archetype Designer delivers an open-standard, specification-based alternative to proprietary development methodologies and tooling, and is used to specify and implement clinical models. It gives clinicians and clinical domain experts a tool to model clinical content for the digital health systems they want.

Borut Fabjan, Head of Innovation at Better said: “With the launch of Archetype Designer, we are one step closer to providing an end-to-end, idea-to-application toolset to develop the next generation of digital healthcare systems. The initial response has been extremely positive, and choosing to make the service available free-of-charge is our way of giving back to the growing global openEHR community.” 

Archetype Designer is a unified archetype and template modelling environment which features an intuitive visual interface, and which can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users in modern web-browsers.

Archetype Designer also includes the following benefits:

  • clinical process modelling support: users can create and edit task plan and work plan process models with an openEHR task planning specification;
  • model validationdesign-time model validation for archetypes and templates are available to assure fully functional models;
  • multiple repositories: support for multiple repositories gives users the visibility to see all their projects at once;
  • import/export options: users can input and obtain templates and archetype models with multiple export options.

Archetype Designer is a service provided by Better and openEHR International, and is available here

Archetype Designer


About openEHR 

openEHR is the name of an e-health technology which consists of open specifications, clinical models, and software. It can be used to create standards, and build information and interoperability solutions for healthcare. The various artefacts of openEHR are produced by the openEHR community and are managed by openEHR International, an international non-profit organisation originally established in 2003, which was previously managed by the openEHR Foundation.

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