Join us at the openEHR Day Nordics

We are looking forward to the openEHR Day Nordics that will be happening on Wednesday, 25th of March at Auditorium Kuntatalo in Helsinki, Finland. The event is organized by the openEHR International and UNA Oy.

Healthcare professionals, representatives of public health institutions and healthcare IT industry representatives will share their experience, opportunities, new ideas and vision of future development of the openEHR approach.

Healthcare institutions have an increasing need for technological solutions enabling them to provide better care for patients by improving clinical processes and health data management. In recent years, openEHR solutions with a multivendor ecosystem of applications built on an open and agile architecture are addressing these needs of healthcare professionals successfully.

Tomaž Gornik, our CEO, is among the speakers as well and he will be discussing the openEHR benefits in practice.

Social care workshop

A day prior to openEHR Day Nordics, a workshop about social care will take place. The event will be an opportunity to discuss how social services are arranged in Finland, Sweden and Norway and to what extent these countries use IT services in social care.

The aim of the event is to encourage collaboration between social care service providers and healthcare IT companies in Nordic countries based on the openEHR approach.

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