Introducing Better Meds 3.16: Enhancing pharmacy efficiency and patient care

The release of Better Meds version 3.16 is packed with exciting new features designed to improve workflow efficiency for pharmacists and enhance patient care. Our latest update introduces the Pharmacist priority list, a comprehensive Lab results view, and a GenAI-powered Daily summary feature.

The latest enhancements are a direct response to feedback from our dedicated community of users, who continuously inspire us to improve and keep our Better Meds ePMA (electronic prescribing and medication administration) solution up-to-date with evolving needs.

Pharmacist priority list: Streamlining patient reviews

Pharmacists often face the challenge of identifying which patients require urgent review. This process can be time-consuming, involving the examination of multiple patient records and drug charts. To address this, we’ve introduced the Pharmacist priority list. This feature displays all hospitalised patients with key information about their priority status, items for review, and reconciliation status.

The Pharmacist priority list categorises patients into four priority groups based on predefined rules set by the healthcare organisation. This allows pharmacy teams to target patient reviews more effectively, ensuring that those who need urgent attention receive it promptly.


Improved lab results: Comprehensive trend analysis

Our users expressed the need for a more extended view of patients’ lab results to better understand result trends and incorporate this information into prescribing decisions. With Better Meds 3.16, we’ve met this need by offering a detailed view of lab results in a new pop-up window.

The updated Lab results feature includes a trend line showing current and previous results, along with reference ranges. This improvement allows clinicians to quickly grasp result trends and make informed decisions when creating prescriptions.


Daily summary: Seamless handover with GenAI

Effective communication during handovers is crucial for maintaining continuity of care. Better Meds 3.16 introduces the Daily summary feature, powered by Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), to facilitate seamless handovers. This feature provides users with a summary report of a patient's prescription changes over the past 24 hours.

The Daily summary includes information on changes to prescriptions, such as dose and frequency adjustments, and actions taken on prescriptions. This enables clinicians to have an overview of recent prescriptions, assess the complexity of a patient’s condition, and make appropriate clinical assessments before managing their prescriptions.

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A community-driven solution

Our ePMA solution is driven by the insights, continuous support, and feedback from our incredible community of users. Your contributions are invaluable and inspire us to continuously enhance Better Meds. You are always welcome to share your thoughts on the new features.

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