Enhanced capabilities and improved flexibility of Better EHR Server 4.0.0

The release of Better EHR Server version 4.0.0 is here. It presents a significant update designed to elevate the capabilities of the Better digital health platform and offers improved flexibility to our customers.

Managing patient data efficiently is more critical than ever in the fast-paced healthcare environment. With the new update, Better EHR Server, a market-leading openEHR Clinical Data Repository and a core part of the Better platform, introduces several new features and enhancements that go in line with our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

With the adoption of the OpenSearch indexing engine, Better EHR Server now offers faster and more reliable search capabilities, ensuring that healthcare professionals can access the information they need when they need it. The OpenSearch integration replaces the embedded Elasticsearch used in previous versions, but customers can reindex all data with minimal downtime by following the instructions provided in the External Indexing Guide.

When it comes to patient data, security is a top priority. Better EHR Server 4.0.0 now supports authentication for external REST services, providing an extra layer of protection for sensitive information. It utilises Basic authentication or OAuth2 OpenID Connect service account for secure communication.

With the improved querying capabilities, searching for specific patient data is now simpler and more efficient. Healthcare professionals can retrieve patient data based on common clinical concept codes (often encoded using SNOMED CT) without referring to openEHR archetypes.

Because flexibility is key when it comes to data storage, Better EHR Server now supports CockroachDB or Yugabyte relational databases, allowing healthcare organisations to expand and choose the storage option that best fits their needs, giving them even more flexibility in managing their data infrastructure.

The newest version of Better EHR Server also deprecates support for outdated protocols like HTTP Remoting and SOAP, replacing them with modern REST endpoints for improved compatibility and performance through the API bridge provided with EHR Framework 4.0.0.

"We are excited to introduce Better EHR Server version 4.0.0, which we believe will greatly benefit healthcare professionals in their everyday work. It also represents a significant step forward in enhancing our platform's capabilities. The new features and improvements empower our customers to manage healthcare data more efficiently and securely, which will make a positive difference in the lives of both healthcare providers and patients," said Matija Polajnar, Better Platform Core Technical Lead.

For healthcare professionals, the new version of Better EHR Server represents a step forward in simplifying data management and improving patient care. With its new features and streamlined interface, it will make a significant impact on the way healthcare data is handled. This major upgrade includes detailed technical information and guidance on the upgrade process, and customers can also access the Release Notes for comprehensive documentation on the upgrade process and new features.

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