EHA Clinics developed an EHR using Better Platform in just 12 months

EHA Clinics, a leading primary health care service provider in Nigeria, used the Better Digital Health Platform and its' low-code tools to develop EHA Care, an ecosystem of workflow-driven tools to support clinical care, telehealth, home care, community health, continuous quality improvement, and clinical research. They built an EHR with over 80 use cases in only 12 months.

As a data and guideline-driven healthcare organisation, the EHA Clinics decided to go into its own development of EHA Care to be able to design workflows by itself and fully control the system. The key benefit for them was the ability to build reusable content packages that can be shared across different applications, and an interoperable platform that can be customised to their own requirements, as well as to be able to use standardised datasets and clinical guidelines and apply those to various clinical settings from acute outpatient, in-patient, home care, community health outreach, and digital health platforms.

The EHA Care is used in five EHA Clinics branches and in their Community Health programme REACH by more than 195 clinical personnel, covering 33.700 patients at the moment and growing. In only 12 months, a small team of 3 has built an EHR with more than 80 clinical use cases using the Better platform and its low-code Studio. EHA Care’s first application is focused on standardising the clinical workflows and improving the delivery of care in all five clinics, as well as their home care and telehealth clients. The solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with other clinical applications in finance, operations, pharmacy, and lab.

Ambitious plans to expand further

EHA Clinics plans to expand the solutions further and build other applications. First, they plan to implement a dedicated workflow tool for pharmacy, nursing (inpatient care), home care, telehealth, and their community health teams, and thus improve the integration of Care Plans, Clinical Guidelines, SOPs, and Clinical Decision support across the various applications.

Second, they want to build a quality management application to support various management tasks related to chart reviews, clinical audits, and tracking of quality indicators. And third, they want to have a research platform and health observatory that enables EHA Clinics to analyse their health outcomes across the patient population and target improvements in key areas like early detection of cancer and the management of chronic diseases.

"EHACare is an exciting system that supports our delivery of quality, impactful healthcare. Working with Better has enabled us to build our vision for the future of data-driven healthcare with an ecosystem of applications tailored to managing quality, exceptional customer experiences, and improving health outcomes," said Adam Thompson, CEO of EHA Clinics.

"Normally, our market focus is on regional and national deals, or larger hospitals and trusts. By creating a more robust solution, and with the utilisation of the low-code tools, we are now also able to support small teams that want to build something big. If you think about it, 3 people and 12 months to build an EMR with 80 use cases, left me speechless and makes me incredibly proud of both EHA and our team. And this was built from scratch, by the customer themselves, with very little guidance from our side after the initial training. In the future, we will focus more on similar care providers in Africa and globally, by offering the solutions, also developed by EHA Clinics, to jumpstart others' development even further. I am very optimistic about the future," said Jovan Pavićević, International Markets Director at Better.

About EHA Clinics

EHA Clinics is a world-class integrated healthcare service provider with locations in Kano, Abuja FCT, and Lagos, Nigeria. They are on a mission to deliver quality health care that is accessible, effective, and affordable.  With their data-driven, quality healthcare delivery platform, they are transforming customer experiences and outcomes. They provide quality healthcare on a subscription basis for individuals, families, and businesses by integrating comprehensive primary care services with advanced digital health solutions, convenient home care offerings, and state-of-the-art healthcare hubs. In addition, their REACH (Reaching Everyone with Accessible Community Health) team provides a community-based healthcare system designed to provide quality, affordable primary healthcare directly to the homes in underserved low-income, urban communities.

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