De-merger as an opportunity for growth

Most companies are eager to grow but the paths for that may be different for each one of them. One of the directions is to develop new business models and enter new markets. This can be based on the existing knowledge and personnel within the company; one of the strategies that make this possible is a de-merger.

De-merger is a process of corporate restructuring in which a business is broken into components, either to operate on their own, to be sold or to be liquidated. A de-merger also allows a company to split off its various brands or business units for each one to focus in their own target market as an independent company. The latter was also the rationale behind establishing Better in 2019.

Better CEO Tomaž Gornik attended the round table discussion about spinoffs at The art of spinoffs event where he shared his experience with a de-merger. The event was organized by the leading Slovenian business newspaper Finance, digital product studio 3fs and corporate finance company Capital Genetics in February.

He explained the reasons for a de-merger that lead to establishing Better company: "Our previous company was running business in three different industries, one of them was healthcare. In order to expand our healthcare business internationally, it is necessary to have a clear business focus, a separate company with strong vision and culture.” He emphasized that this is also important for attracting the most competent employees.

Better is focused on transforming healthcare organisations. Our market-leading open data platform and digital solutions put organisations in control of their data, workflows and transformation plans in order to improve efficiency and patient care. In January 2020, Better opened a branch office in the UK that will enable us to support our customers and partners in the UK and Ireland better.

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