Better will help to consolidate and improve the availability of clinical and research data in Germany

Better established a subsidiary in Hamburg in July, confirming its commitment to meet the rapidly evolving needs of healthcare organisations in Germany. Additional offices in Berlin and Frankfurt will follow soon. To provide the best possible services to their current and new customers in Germany, a local team of digital health experts will be available to support the optimal use of Better’s solutions.

Announcing the subsidiary establishment, Better’s CEO Tomaž Gornik stated that the company’s focus is to expand the scope of cooperation with the university hospitals as they are drivers for change. He added: “We are also looking to form partnerships with private hospital chains and specialised healthcare providers such as oncology centres. In general, we seek partners that can integrate our solutions into their existing IT ecosystems. Our newly appointed Managing Director, Bjoern Lehnhoff, has two decades of experience in healthcare. With him leading our German business, we are confident that we can better support our current and future clients.”

Bjoern Lehnhoff, Managing Director of Better Deutschland GmbH, points out three main challenges in German healthcare: “First, it is the overall funding shortage in particular of the IT and its transfer to software-as-a-service business models. Second, it is the necessary consolidation of data due to various monolith systems, which grew over the years and made it challenging for IT administrators and clinicians. Last but not least, it is the hesitation of cloud services. Due to data protection concerns, the usage of cloud solutions is behind its capabilities, but the clinicians are using messenger services to share patient data. The latter is not an optimal solution and especially not GDPR compliant.

Digital health solutions can address the challenges mentioned above by providing the data when and where needed and thus improve medical teams’ decision-making, leading to better clinical outcomes. Better’s open data approach can offer significant benefits to the German healthcare system. Bjoern Lehnhoff further explains: “Better will help consolidate data and improve clinical and research data availability to the stakeholders within the healthcare system. This will be a game-changer to the healthcare system, and together with our team, we will work closely with our customers and all relevant stakeholders in the entire DACH region. With joint efforts, we will help to transform the healthcare market sustainably.

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