Better to support Charité, Vivantes and other university hospitals with setting up a digital progress hub in cardiology

Better, the leading provider of open data platform for the healthcare sector, is starting the new year in Germany with a major project. In Berlin, Better Deutschland GmbH is supporting Charité, Vivantes and three other university hospitals in setting up a digital progress hub (“Digitale FortschrittsHub”) in cardiology.

The digital progress hub CAEHR stands for “Cardiovascular Diseases - Enhancing Healthcare through cross-Sectoral Routine data integration”. It was initiated by Charité, Vivantes and the university hospitals of Göttingen, Hanover and Würzburg, and is dedicated to interoperability in the field of cardiology. The aim is to bring together patient data and make it digitally available, which should noticeably improve cardiovascular patients’ treatment.

The Charité and Vivantes selected Better Deutschland to accompany this project. The exact involvement will be designed in the coming weeks. With its technology, Better supports the central component of the standardised data storage and data use by means of openEHR technology.

“The CAEHR project shows the great importance of open data approach in the health industry,” said Björn Lehnhoff, Managing Director of Better Deutschland GmbH. “The future will move us away from the patchy system where each actor keeps its own data. With open, intersectoral health solutions, research and health data can be used quickly, and everyone benefits from this. We hope the openEHR will establish itself as a standard in Germany. We look forward to contributing to the CAEHR project together with our partners in the coming weeks and months.”

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