Better released major update of Better Platform EHR server

Better has issued a major release of Better Platform EHR server, version 3.0. It includes several significant improvements to increase performance as well as developer productivityBetter Platform is market-leading open data platform designed to store, manage, query, retrieve and exchange standardised electronic health or record data. There are already more than 22 million of unique patients’ record safely stored on Better Platforms worldwide 


The most important improvements of the new Better EHR server release are: 

  • Support for latest OpenEHR releases:  
      - openEHR reference model v1.0.4 
      - Task planning model v1.5.0 
      - openEHR REST API v1.0.1 
  • Several improvements in the AQL (archetype query language) which make development of applications on the Better Platform even easier 
  • Improvements in the event/trigger API which now includes more contextual information by default 
  • Working with external patient IDs has been simplified: they can now be used as a substitute for EHR IDs in many API calls 
You can see some of the improvements made in the video here:
EHR Server 3.0


Better Platform is market-leading openEHR data platform. It is designed to store, manage, query, retrieve and exchange structured electronic health record (EHRdata on national, regional or institutional level in healthcare. It enables the creation of an ecosystem of best of breed applications where clinical data is stored in a vendor-neutral format and independently from the applications.  

The Better Platform already securely supports over 22 million patients in over 500+ hospitals across 15 countries worldwide ​ 

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