Better Platform wins at the 4th Commonwealth Digital Health Awards 2020 for Malta’s national digital health platform implementation

Better’s implementation in Malta won an award at the Commonwealth Digital Health Awards 2020. The flagship awards from the Commonwealth Medical Association received submissions from more than 25 countries this year.

In 2019, The Ministry for Health, Malta, chose Better Platform to implement a proven, future-proof national electronic health record (EHR) and care-coordination platform for collecting, storing, and serving patient health data. This project was also the first public cloud implementation of a national electronic health record, hosted on Microsoft Azure and implemented by PTL Ltd.

Tomaž Gornik, Better’s CEO, said: “We are honoured that the implementation with Malta of Better Platform was recognised across the commonwealth. Together with our partners, PTL Ltd. and Microsoft, we implemented a modern, vendor-neutral health data repository which now serves as the cornerstone of Malta’s new health information architecture Together with our tools, it will be the key to rapidly develop and deploy innovative digital solutions, creating a connected health ecosystem.”

The Maltese Ministry for Health is currently implementing a National Digital Health Programme, enhancing their digital health infrastructure, and adding new systems to their portfolio. The goal is to improve the health of the Maltese population while also increasing the efficiency and sustainability of Malta’s healthcare system. This can only be achieved by making clinically-rich data from patient records available for innovative solutions and national health research repositories.

The solution deployed is a secure, real-time, patient-centric information resource for both healthcare professionals and citizens.

Using openEHR specifications, Better Platform makes health data from different sources available in a controlled manner, to as many health care providers as possible, and with a view of providing the best possible quality and continuity of care. By using a published, vendor-neutral and open format, health data will be able to outlive the applications using it, creating a lifetime health record which will be accessible to care providers and patients anytime, anywhere.

About the Commonwealth Connected Health Awards
The CWDHA was designed to build a valuable digital product pipeline to improve the health and wellbeing of billions, including but not limited to those with few resources. With the awards, the Digital Health Initiative of the Commonwealth Medical Association is creating an ecosystem where commercial and mission-led development partners, governments, investors, researchers, and digital health experts complement each other’s skills, and work together to rapidly and efficiently develop and scale solutions in some of the highest need categories.

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