Better joins EBG Advisors network to offer healthcare consultancy services

Better has joined EBG Advisors, a U.S. national strategy and management consultancy, to offer strategic consulting services and digital technologies to healthcare providers in the U.S.

As the healthcare landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and the demand for innovative and comprehensive solutions continues to rise, the collaboration between EBG Advisors and Better brings together expertise, experience, and technology to offer clients a new perspective on business and transformative strategies in the field of healthcare.

EBG Advisors is a network of strategic consultants that assist healthcare and life sciences organisations in overcoming complex challenges and achieving their strategic objectives. Better has been recognised as a leading technology innovator, accelerating development and digital transformation for healthcare organisations looking into the future.

Working with EBG Advisors, Better will build on their strengths and resources to provide a comprehensive suite of strategic consulting services. These will include extensive support in research, analysis, strategic planning and execution, and consulting, enabling clients to navigate complex regulatory frameworks, seize growth opportunities, and enhance operational efficiency while maintaining a patient-centric focus.

Both Better and EBG Advisors are committed to delivering innovative, integrated, and sustainable solutions that drive positive change in the healthcare industry.

"We are thrilled to join forces with EBG Advisors to offer a new set of services to the healthcare market. We are sure that by combining their strategic expertise with our technological knowledge and insights, we can offer great value for our clients, empowering them to navigate a complex healthcare environment and achieve their long-term goals," said Jovan Pavićević, International Markets Director at Better

“We are glad to have the amazing group of consultants at Better join us to expand our professional service offerings to our clients,” said Steven DiFiore, Chief Operating Officer at Epstein Becker Green. “The health care industry requires constant innovation and cutting-edge technology to meet and exceed care demands. Together, EBG Advisors and Better can help health care professionals lead that charge.” 

About EBG Advisors 

EBG Advisors is a national strategy and management consultancy with a primary focus to serve the health care and life science industries. With a far-reaching network of consultants and legal strategic advisors, EBG Advisors is capable of supporting client innovations from ideation to full implementation. Our areas of expertise include business strategy and program development, policy analysis, regulatory compliance, human resources training, executive compensation, performance improvement, data security, and benefits consulting. EBG Advisors works collaboratively with the law firm Epstein Becker Green to fulfill clients’ business objectives and consulting and legal needs.

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