Better EHR Studio 3.9 comes with powerful new features and functionalities

The Better EHR Studio version 3.9 is here, and it brings significant improvements to the content-building process, making it even faster and more intuitive. The new features will make the form-building process easier, facilitate project collaboration, and improve the overall experience of the Better low-code development tool.

Better EHR Studio, a low-code development tool for healthcare that is an integral part of the Better digital health platform, enables users to create medical content even without coding knowledge. The latest update has many powerful new features and functionalities that will make the content-building process even more user-friendly.

The Form Builder has received significant upgrades to improve functionality and ease of use, and now offers more flexibility and control over the column list field. Users can now set the width of each column, easily rearrange the order of the columns and have more control of how the content in each cell is displayed.

Video: Column list upgrade

One of the standout features in this release is the Project Sharing, making teamwork much easier. This new functionality allows multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously, eliminating the need for manual configurations. By assigning different roles to users, teams can control permissions and define capabilities within the project, ensuring smooth and efficient collaboration.

To align with the openEHR specification, the AQL Builder now supports the official AQL variable syntax, using both $ and : as parameter markers as long as they are properly configured in the Better Platform.

"The goal of the Better Studio team is to empower our users to build forms more efficiently and collaborate more effectively. So we are really excited to introduce the 3.9 version that will provide advanced features and enable healthcare professionals to manage critical data more effectively. By doing so we all contribute to improved patient care and data-driven decision-making," said Benjamin Muhič, Better EHR Studio team lead.

The 3.9 release also includes new documentation and numerous bug fixes, further enhancing Better EHR Studio's usability and reliability. Better EHR Studio 3.9.0 is fully compatible with Form Renderer version 3.9.0, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.


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