Better EHR Studio 3.8 release: Bringing content-building to another level

Better EHR Studio, a low-code development tool for healthcare, has released a new version 3.8. It is an important upgrade that adds many powerful new features and functionalities to improve the content-building process, making it even easier and faster.

The latest update brings several new features that enhance the creation, sharing, and utilisation of healthcare content and make the content-creation experience even more pleasant.

API Connectors have been redesigned to provide a unified access point for all the various resources. They can now be reused across the entire project while still allowing the flexibility to tailor variables to specific content. All previously created API connectors remain fully functional and work as before but will automatically transform to the new Global API format when edited.

Significant enhancements to external variables across all projects have also been made — they are now global by default. This means they can be easily shared across all forms and content within the project. While all the existing external variables will continue to function as usual, any edits or saves will automatically convert them into global variables. This transition ensures smoother collaboration and greater efficiency across the projects.

The Content Manager module has received a makeover, and this makes resource management a breeze. With added support for additional resources and a redesigned interface, connecting dependent resources together is now much easier. The ability to download all dependent content means resources can be up and running without the hassle of additional configurations.

Because clarity and transparency are very important when selecting options within different fields, the new upgrade now also provides warnings for outdated values. These values, once available options within a field, are now inaccessible. With our latest enhancement, users will be notified when encountering these outdated values, ensuring they are always informed and able to make the right options and decisions for their projects.

"We are very happy to present a new version of Better EHR Studio. Our users now have greater flexibility, efficiency, and control over their content-building processes. These new features empower them to handle critical healthcare data easily and precisely, ultimately contributing to improved patient care and data-driven decision-making," said Benjamin Muhič, Better EHR Studio team lead.

Version 3.8 not only introduces new features but also addresses several bugs, ensuring a more reliable and efficient healthcare content management experience within the Better EHR Studio environment. A complete list of all the new features and bug fixes can be found in the Release notes. Better EHR Studio 3.8 also integrates with Form Renderer version 3.8.

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