Better digital health platform enhances data integration with the release of Better ETL 2.0.0

The new release of Better ETL, version 2.0.0, is an update aimed at improving data integration capabilities for healthcare professionals. It brings improvements to security, database compatibility, and reliability alongside a fresh and intuitive graphical user interface.

Better ETL (extract, transform, and load) is a component within the Better digital health platform that allows users to extract openEHR data into flat structures. Each extract is defined with an openEHR Archetype Query Language (AQL) query that flattens openEHR structures.

The key improvements of version 2.0.0 include a new and improved graphical user interface that makes it easier for users to configure connections and manage data flows, and it offers a more intuitive and streamlined experience. Better ETL now also supports comprehensive connection testing for both input (EHR) and output (relational database) connections, ensuring seamless data flow.

The improved postgreSQL compatibility means that superuser privileges are no longer required on PostgreSQL internal databases, simplifying setup and administration. Users now have the option to configure "global" failure e-mail notifications for all jobs, enhancing visibility and alerting capabilities.

It is important to know that Better ETL 2.0.0 is exclusively compatible with EHR Server version 4.0.0 or later and requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 17 or higher for optimal performance.

In addition to Better ETL, Better platform has also made significant updates to other products:

  • EHR Server 4.1.0 introduces bug fixes and support for the openEHR AQL standard behavior.
  • Demographics Server 4.0.7 adds support for executing queries over FHIR data using the HFQL language, alongside numerous bug fixes and data streaming improvements.
  • ABAC Server 1.0.12 enhances logging for easier error detection in policies and ensures stable sorting of entries in content retrieval endpoints.

The upgrades also include detailed technical information and guidance on the upgrade process, which can be accessed at the Better Knowledge Base.

"We remain committed to delivering best-in-class solutions for healthcare data management and integration. With Better ETL 2.0.0, we now have new features and enhancements that will streamline data integration processes and provide greater flexibility to users," said Matija Polajnar, Better Platform Core Technical Lead, and added: "We believe these updates will further elevate our user satisfaction and drive better outcomes in healthcare delivery."

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