Better becomes a PRSB partner to implement the standards for better health and care outcomes

Better has partnered with Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB). Better will utilise PRSB’s expertise and conformance process to review, validate, and improve its compliance with information standards.

As an open data digital health platform provider, Better’s priority is demonstrating the value of an open data platform approach in delivering positive healthcare outcomes. The company’s focus is on supporting the key principles of personalised care that their customers want to deliver, including real-time and seamless access to information at the point of care tailored to the person or health and care professional accessing it.

Joining the Standards Partnership Scheme will allow Better to collaborate with PRSB’s experts on best practices for implementing both existing information record standards and those currently being developed. Adopting information record standards supports a more person-centred approach to care, meaning that health and care organisations have autonomy and flexibility in delivering the best end-user experience for all – clinicians, people using health and care services, and their carers.

As Better has already implemented care planning across multiple Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and has so far self-assessed the adherence to PRSB standards for these implementations, it is now seeking to achieve full conformance against the Personalised Care and Support Plan Standard, ‘About Me’ and Palliative and End of Life Care Standard.

Ian Bennett, UK Solutions lead at Better, said: “Better is delighted to join the PRSB Standards Partnership Scheme. A big part of being able to implement care planning across multiple ICSs at pace has been aligning to a common understanding of the clinical data to be captured and shared. This involved working with clinicians to utilise and adhere to PRSB’s standards. As a PRSB partner, we can further our collaboration with clinical experts that are curating these standards and validate our assessments of compliance to the standards.”

Lorraine Foley, CEO at PRSB, said: “Since the establishment of the PRSB, we’ve been working hard to raise awareness about the importance of information standards in health and care – and we are glad that more suppliers, such as Better, recognise their role. Our assessment team will be delighted to guide Better through our standards conformance journey and help them meet their clients' needs.”

About PRSB:
The Professional Record Standards Body was established to develop clinical standards for health and care records. The PRSB provides services that promote the adoption and use of standards, identifying the critical information needed for safe and high-quality care. These include first-of-type implementation projects and the Standards Partnership Scheme.

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