Better becomes a member of the newly founded openEHR Switzerland

Better has joined the newly founded openEHR Switzerland, a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing high-quality, standardised, and open health data.

The inaugural meeting of openEHR Switzerland on Thursday, 14 March 2024, marked the beginning of a journey towards enhancing interoperability and data management in Swiss healthcare. openEHR Switzerland champions the principles of openness and collaboration, aligning with Better's vision of open, accessible, and vendor-neutral health data.

openEHR Switzerland will operate as a non-profit association promoting collaboration, standardisation, exchange, and management of health data. The goal of the organisation is also to develop Swiss-specific archetypes that will contribute to the already existing international archetypes in the clinical knowledge manager (CKM) and facilitate seamless data exchange and management.

As a leading provider of open digital health platform, Better brings over 30 years of expertise to the partnership. Johannes Schmidt, Head of Technology and Innovation at Better Germany, said: "This collaboration signifies an important milestone both for Better and for Swiss healthcare. Better is committed to contributing to the advancement of health data standardisation in Switzerland and beyond. By joining forces with openEHR Switzerland, we aim to accelerate digital transformation and improve healthcare outcomes for citizens, clinicians, and organisations."

"We believe in the power of openEHR as the international standard for data persistence," added Torsten Barthel, Head of Sales at Better Germany. "By advocating for data for life, we want to create an open platform for patient-centred health data. Our collaboration with openEHR Switzerland underscores our commitment to driving positive change in healthcare."

Membership in openEHR Switzerland offers access to ongoing discussions, knowledge sharing, and practical use cases, benefiting individual members, industry partners, healthcare organisations, and associations involved in health data management.

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