Better and Parsek join forces to improve care coordination and decision-making on open data

Better and Parsek, two companies specialised in providing secure and user-friendly healthcare IT solutions and services for citizens and professional users across Europe, have initiated a strategic partnership. Together they aim to improve the value of joint products by storing all clinical data in a structured and vendor-neutral format and give healthcare organisations the ability to rapidly evolve, extend, and configure the end solution.

The comprehensive offering by both companies will combine the strength of Parsek’s Vitaly solutions, the Better Digital health Platform, and low-code Better Studio. Vitaly solutions for coordinated care and collaborative decision-making will be placed as a vertical on top of the Better Digital Health Platform and will integrate with Better Low Code Studio to enable more flexibility when designing, developing new, and configuring structured forms.

Furthermore, all the application data will be seamlessly stored within openEHR clinical data repository and could be further used for clinical decision support or future research projects.

The bundled offering will allow for faster access to comprehensive patient information from different sources, using open data. It will be available to patients, their family members, and clinicians by considering the highest IT security standards. In addition, it will use data for further analysis to help improve the quality of care.

New opportunities in European healthcare systems
Both parties will develop opportunities in the countries with recognised potential - such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and other digitally evolved European healthcare systems. Moreover, with Parsek being part of the leading Dutch managed services provider Open Line Group, this offering will be provisioned through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud solution to ensure the highest level of IT security and speed up the time-to-usage.

What will the partnership bring to the customers and users?
"At Better we believe that good data can improve decisions and save lives and should be kept for the lifetime of a patient. That is why I am very pleased that by partnering with Parsek and connecting their products to Better’s digital health platform, openEHR community gained another strong application that can seamlessly be plugged into the existing digital ecosystems and share structured data," said Anže Droljc, Business Development Director at Better. 

Špela Kern, Head of Sales at Parsek, added: "Our intention was always to intensify patient involvement in the healthcare process. This is why we’re excited to join forces with renowned international eHealth player Better. This strategic partnership will help us expand our offering, ensure faster time to usage for our customers, and improve the overall end-user experience. Above all, the joint offering will help improve the quality of care in the long run by providing detailed data insights for further clinical research purposes and therefore supporting Parsek’s mission of connecting, collaborating, and changing the healthcare experience for good."

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