Better and Open Line join forces in the Netherlands to set up infrastructure ensuring data availability across all healthcare providers

With the goal of setting up a modern platform-based infrastructure for healthcare providers and regions in the Netherlands, Better formed a strategic partnership with Open Line, a leading local ICT service provider. By implementing a data-driven approach to digitalisation, the partnership aims to improve clinical data availability for healthcare providers across the country. 

The healthcare system in the Netherlands is witnessing a shift towards embracing a data-driven approach to digital transformation. Numerous government and standard body publications emphasise the need for data availability while advocating for the separation of data from applications, stressing not only data exchange but also its accessibility and applicability across healthcare platforms.

To meet this challenge, Better and Open Line's collaborative effort will establish a robust foundation with a digital health platform that is supported by open data standards – openEHR and FHIR. The flexible infrastructure will provide various benefits for healthcare providers, such as reduced vendor lock-in, faster innovation, improved patient engagement, and better use of data in public health. Open Line will play a crucial role in setting up the foundation, managing integrations, facilitating a fully managed environment, and seamlessly connecting applications to Better's digital health platform.

"This partnership comes at a time when the healthcare system in the Netherlands is shifting towards regional care, which requires reliable data accessibility. Teaming up with Open Line enables Better to implement our digital health platform with comprehensive local support, specifically tailored to the needs of the Dutch market. We are committed to sharing our global experience establishing a proven and adaptable infrastructure for healthcare providers and regions in the Netherlands," said Anže Droljc, Business Development Director at Better.

"Open Line believes in providing added value through the exceptional domain of information provision. Our partnership with Better therefore signifies a step forward in reshaping the healthcare landscape in the Netherlands. Through our unique approach and Trusted Cloud Managed services, we provide a strong and trusted foundation for digital transformation in healthcare, not in the least in combination with our Vitaly platform" added José Strijbos, Chief Healthcare Officer of Open Line.

About Open Line

Open Line, a distinguished Managed Cloud provider, specialises in supporting and advising clients across various sectors in the design, construction, and management of complex ICT outsourcing and projects. Their client-centric approach, coupled with enduring relationships and a focus on unique client needs, underscores their dedication to providing exceptional ICT solutions that drive business success and digital objectives. Health is a focus area for Open Line, that delivers the Vitaly platform for MDT's, referrals and Coordinated Care as Service.

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