Better and Liverpool John Moores University partner to train students in ePrescribing

Connecting clinical institutions and universities with the tech industry is an important next step in the modern approach to healthcare improvement and clinical education. And with scientific and technological advancements in healthcare happening at an ever-increasing pace, it is vital universities and training centres stay on top of the technology to enable their graduates to hit the ground running in their chosen profession. 

To bridge this gap, Better and Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) have partnered to train students in electronic prescribing and medication administration with Better's Better Meds ePMA (electronic prescribing and medication administration) software. Better Meds is continuously improved with the input from clinical staff. The system being easy to use, it is popular among its users. Nonetheless, the system does require some training which was the main reason for Better to focus not only on the user experience of software, but also the knowledge transfer process.

Students at LJMU will learn about medication management in a simulated medical environment re-created with Better Meds demo software.

"We have been working hard in the last few years to understand users and help them learn to use Better Meds in the simplest way possible. We are constantly working on our broad library of educational materials and are pleased to have established the partnership with Liverpool John Moore University to share our knowledge with the students. We believe this partnership will set an example among the much-needed partnerships between academia and industry, which can be a positive contribution to giving students a practical insight in the clinical work."   says Better Meds Knowledge Transfer Manager  Nina Pirc.

Senior Lecturer in Nursing at Liverpool John Moores University, Mark Arnold, believes that access to Better Meds software for teaching purposes will allow students to engage with the latest healthcare technology. He said: "Training in the use of electronic prescribing software should enhance patient safety and facilitate valuable inter-professional learning." 


About Better 

Better builds powerful digital products that help doctors and nurses treat people. We are dedicated to leveraging the power of design and technology to exchange and use health data for seamless care coordination and constant innovation to ensure the best health outcomes for all. With three decades of proven record at the technological forefront and vast domain knowledge, we are trusted by leading academic medical centres, children's and community hospitals, research and other healthcare institutions in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Norway, Finland, Italy and more. 

About Better Meds 

Better Meds is a comprehensive electronic prescribing and medication management system, constantly improved in collaboration with pharmacists, doctors, and nurses. The system is designed as a stand-alone solution, with easy integration options to connect to the existing EHR system, and medication-related decision support systems.  

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