Better and H Lab form a strategic partnership to modernise healthcare in Thailand

Better, an open data digital health platform provider, and H Lab, a pioneering Thai company specialising in AI-powered hospital management platforms, have joined forces to bring advanced healthcare solutions to Thailand. Through the strategic partnership, the companies will work on the development of a clinical system based on the Better digital health platform.

Better is committed to transforming healthcare organisations by simplifying the work of care teams and accelerating digital transformation through data-driven approaches. The Better digital health platform, built upon the openEHR standard, empowers healthcare organisations to take control of their data, workflows, and transformation plans, ultimately improving patient care.

H Lab, with a visionary commitment to ensuring patients receive the right treatment at the right time for optimal outcomes, has already charted its course as a trailblazer in the Thai healthcare landscape. Their innovative hospital management systems have set new benchmarks for efficiency and precision in tertiary hospitals.

The collaboration between Better and H Lab will focus on the development of an electronic medical record (EMR), which will be a part of a larger hospital information system (HIS) called Cortex. H Lab will take the lead in customising and adapting the Better digital health platform to a range of market use cases to meet the unique needs of hospitals in Thailand, resulting in the creation of a modular and open system that optimises patient care and administrative processes.

H Lab will leverage on the Better openEHR clinical data repository and the low-code development tools, which will enable them to create their own EMR and integrate it with the other systems using the open APIs. The solution, underpinned by a powerful clinical data repository, will provide instant access to all relevant clinical information, offering a unified experience for all healthcare providers. The low-code tools will allow them to rapidly develop and customise clinical forms and clinical screens for acute and specialised care in Thailand's hospital context, making the development process much shorter and more efficient. 

The development process will be further accelerated using the existing clinical content from the openEHR community. Ready-made and clinically verified information models, archetypes, and templates are available from the openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager, as well as forms and terminologies from different previous projects. These all save time and resources for the development of the solution.

Speaking about the partnership, Jovan Pavićević, International markets director at Better, said: "H Lab is our first partner in Thailand, and we believe that this partnership will be an important step towards realising our vision of a data-driven healthcare ecosystem in the region. The agility and expertise, but more importantly, passion and vision that H Lab possesses, ideally match ours, and we can only complement each other to deliver a new and innovative approach to hospital management systems. We have also created a tailored partnership business model, which is guaranteeing both mutual support and mutual growth in the coming years."

Warandhorn Photisaro, Head of strategy and partnerships at H Lab, added: "This partnership is a monumental occasion for the future of Thai healthcare technology. Together with Better, H Lab is excited to explore the full potential of the digital health platform and its low-code capabilities, introducing openEHR as the clinical data standard to supercharge interoperability within Thailand's healthcare systems. Through the combination of our rapid development prowess and an open data approach, we’re confident this partnership will change the health tech landscape.”

This partnership highlights the commitment of Better and H Lab to advance healthcare through innovative technology solutions, as the companies share a vision of improving patient care and streamlining healthcare processes. The collaboration promises to make a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape in Thailand.

About H Lab:

H Lab is a pioneering Thai health tech company developing innovative software solutions for the healthcare industry. Their specialisation in AI-powered hospital management platforms is underpinned by deep expertise in healthcare system engineering and health data management.

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