An HTN award for our ePMA solution Better Meds

We are delighted to announce that last week our submission for the rapid implementation of an ePMA solution during the COVID-19 pandemic in Wye Valley NHS Trust won the Excellence ePMA and Care Coordination awards at the Health Tech Awards 2021.


The winning entry was focused on implementing an ePMA, at pace, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Trust switched to electronic prescribing and medicine administration to increase efficiency and improve patient safety, and – despite COVID-related delays – it went live on its pilot ward within six months. In just nine months, our Better Meds ePMA solution was live across 95 per cent of the trust, including three community hospitals. This is primarily a win for the implementation team at the Trust, but, together with our implementation partner Epro, we were also happy to have contributed, which led to the award.


Stefan Siekierski, Delivery Manager at Better UK commented: “The ePMA implementation took place during a global pandemic such as we haven’t before experienced in our lifetimes. Everyone worked above and beyond towards a common goal, to improve patient safety through the introduction of electronic prescribing. It is a true testament to everyone involved who worked so hard to achieve this. I want to give special thanks to all the past and present members of the Wye Valley ePMA Team, the implementation partners Epro, and especially to all the staff of Wye Valley Hospital who adapted well to this business change during these unprecedented times.




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