Better EHR Studio now supports saving data to external servers

Better EHR Studio now supports saving data to external servers

Published August 06, 2020
Boris Marn
Boris Marn

Better has issued a new release of Better EHR Studio, version 2.1. which now supports saving data to external servers. Among other significant improvements, there are also large improvements in form-field interactions. Better EHR Studio is a low-code development environment which allows for a faster and more agile development process. It is an integral part of Better Platform, a market-leading openEHR data platform. 


The most important improvements in Better EHR Studio, version 2.1, are: 


  • Support for saving data to external servers: users can gain several benefits with GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE requests. This new feature now allows them to save and update the data to the server of their choice. 
  • Large improvements in form-field interactions 
  • Expression assistant was upgraded with new commonly used Excel functions, better documentations and examples and better user interface. Excel users will now be much more familiar with the calculation of the values in the Studio. 
  • Users can now use their own custom tags in dependencies. With this, they can easily set a common tag to multiple fields and create a dependency action for all of them at once 
  • Many new additions for the power users of dependencies such as copying them to another field.  


Better EHR Studio is an integral part of Better Platform and it enables rapid creation, customisation and deployment of clinical forms. 

Boris Marn

Written by Boris Marn

Better Studio Lead. Responsible for turning grand ideas into deliverable products. Expert in agile methodologies. Known for the ability to produce high-quality deliverables that meet or exceed timeline and budgetary targets. Motivated to improve Better Platform by creating Tools on top of it that greatly improve the time needed to develop an application.

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